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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your sliding wardrobe doors a standard size?
    No, we make our sliding wardrobe doors and hinged doors in are Cumbernauld factory to whatever specification you require
  • I want to buy some sliding doors and fit them myself, can I do that?
    Yes, we offer a complete made to measure supply only service and can deliver throughout Scotland. However, we offer extremely competitive rates for installation - call us today for your free, no obligation quote.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit when I book the installation for my mirror doors?
    No, we won’t take a deposit. You can pay in full when the work is completed and you are happy with your new built-in wardrobes or fitted furniture.
  • I’d like to see some mirrored wardrobe doors, do you have a showroom?
    You can visit our 2-floor showroom in Cumbernauld with wonderful displays of our glass wardrobe doors and built-in wardrobes. Come and take a look, we are open 7 days a week and there’s no need for an appointment.
  • Does it come with a guarantee?
    Yes, all of our products come with a comprehensive 5 year guarantee.
  • Will you come to my house and measure up?
    Yes, we offer a free no obligation home survey, whereby we will come to your home at a convenient time to measure up and give you some ideas of how we can help transform your home. We also offer a free CAD design service so you can visualise the completed project.
  • Do you make your own doors?
    Yes, all our fitted wardrobes, TV media walls, cocktail bars, kitchens, home offices and general household storage options are designed and manufactured in our Cumbernauld factory.
  • How long does it take to install a new fitted wardrobe?
    Typically within 24-48 hours and our fitters even tidy up after themselves.
  • Do you only make mirror doors?
    No, we started making sliding mirrored doors in 1989, but for over 28 years we have been manufacturing fitted kitchens, fitted wardrobes, home offices, cocktail bars, TV media walls and household storage spaces.
  • How Do Mirror Doors Work?
    Mirror doors function predominantly in the same way as normal wardrobe doors or sliding doors would, but come equipped with the added benefit of a mirrored surface - making it effectively two appliances in one for your bedroom space. This allows it to function in a couple of different ways.
  • What Are Mirrored Wardrobe Doors?
    Mirrored wardrobe doors are functional doors for your wardrobe or storage unit which also act as a reflective mirror for everything, from checking out your outfit to streamlining your bedtime routine. Effectively serving two purposes in one, these doors are often favoured over a simple bland wooden surface.
  • Where Can I Buy Custom Fitted Wardrobes?
    Custom fitted wardrobes are a fantastic choice for rooms in which a traditional made-to-measure wardrobe would not be suitable. Whether carefully picking the furniture for a renovation, or furnishing a brand new property, MDC (Mirror Door Company) supply the very best.
  • Do You Stock Different Designs For Bedroom Wardrobes
    The addition of a bedroom wardrobe can allow you to experiment with various designs, colour schemes and themes to complement the rest of the space. At MDC (Mirror Door Company), we regularly update our online catalogue of fitted bedroom, kitchen and office appliances.
  • How Much Will I Pay To Have A Sliding Wardrobe Fitted?
    When you have a sliding wardrobe fitted by members of our trusted team, you can feel assured that the installation will be carried out to a fantastic standard. We will provide you with a competitive individual quote, variable based on the wardrobe in question, your individual needs and other factors.
  • Are Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors Practical To Use?
    Many individuals favour sliding doors for their practicality or space-saving properties, and a wardrobe with a simplistic sliding door can be fantastic for rooms without the excess space to accommodate a hinged option. We stock both of these desirable options - so don’t hesitate to browse our site today.
  • Are You Able To Set Up My Fitted Bedroom Furniture?
    Yes! At MDC (Mirror Door Company) we are always happy to offer a helping hand when it comes to setting up your space. Fitted bedroom furniture can be difficult to install for those without a D.I.Y background, therefore enlisting help from professionals is often a fantastic alternative.
  • What Are The Essentials Of A Fitted Kitchen?
    A fitted kitchen area will be best equipped with all the essentials you would expect in a communal kitchen space, with the added convenience of space-saving features. Island units and white goods are a must if you have the space to accommodate these utilities, whilst we’re also able to deck out a fully-fledged cocktail bar!
  • What Are The Main Things To Remember For Home Office Design?
    When designing a home office space, there are plenty of elements to consider, though first and foremost you should consider your tech set-up. We can assess your space and recommend leading furniture ranges, pairing you with a bespoke desk, cabinets, and much more.
  • What Actually Are Media Walls?
    Media walls are made up of a television or large screen that is built into a wall or surface, saving space and ultimately resulting in a convenient built-in device. With your TV in the ideal location, all cables will be hidden and components can be safely tucked away, preventing clutter and protecting the technology.
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