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5 Smart Ways to Maximise Bedroom Storage

Updated: Jul 5

Let’s face it: clothing strewn across the floor, stuff cluttering every surface and laundry mountains aren’t indicative of a good night’s sleep. When your belongings are monopolising your bedroom, it’s hard to imagine the space ever feeling like a relaxing retreat.

If this sounds like your current predicament, it’s time to start taking storage seriously. From smart furnishings to cleverly utilised corners, our bedroom storage tips will help you make the most of every square inch and finally curb the clutter once and for all.

Invest in storage organisers for your wardrobe

Not fully utilising your space could be contributing to your limited storage woes. You might want to look at a hanging shelf organiser to store shoes, clothes and accessories neatly. Adding an extra extender pole to your wardrobe is another clever trick for increasing the amount of space available to you. These are also great workarounds if you are renting and aren’t allowed to make significant changes to your home.

Keep seasonal items in another part of the home

Before putting up shelves or embarking on another DIY project, decide what actually belongs in your bedroom. Seasonal items such as winter coats or summer clothing could be stored elsewhere until you need them, such as a spare cupboard or room. For smaller homes without the extra space, try vacuum packing bulky seasonal items so that they take up less room.

Utilise under-bed storage

Space can be a luxury in smaller rooms, so it’s important to be smart with your furniture choices. Instead of bringing in more furniture to help solve the storage crisis, take advantage of what you already have by utilising the space under your bed. You could add storage baskets to keep your stuff neat and organised, or even DIY a shelving unit that can easily roll out from underneath your bed.

If you don’t have a bed with ample space underneath it, you could look into more permanent solutions. There are a number of beds available on the market that have storage built into them, whether it’s pull-out drawers or even an ottoman - a bed where the mattress lifts up to reveal storage space underneath. There are also headboards with storage built into them that offer ample space.

Use a dresser as a bedside table

Chances are that your bedroom needs both a dresser and bedside tables, so why not get furniture that doubles up as both? A small dresser works wonderfully as a bedside table, eliminating the need for extra pieces in the room whilst also providing more storage than most standard side tables.

Install built-in storage

Why not take advantage of awkward corners by installing built-in storage? This practical idea not only saves you significant space by alleviating the need for freestanding furniture but also looks neat and blends into your decor easily.

If you’re in the market for a fitted wardrobe, sliding door wardrobe, shelving unit or any other fitted bedroom furnishings, look no further than The Mirror Door Company. We offer a bespoke service and never compromise on style, meaning that you can tailor your project to your exact requirements. Contact us today for a free survey or drop into our Glasgow showroom.

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