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5 Ways To Add Home Storage

Updated: Jul 5

Everyone could use more storage in their home, but trying to find extra space to store items can be difficult. If your home isn't large enough, you will need to look at shelving units that fit your space and creative options for home storage.

1. Fitted Shelving Units

Using the little areas in your home as storage spaces can be a good way to add storage, but it also requires specially made shelving units. These odd spaces are often too unusual to fit premade shelves, so you will want to order bespoke options. Some areas to look at include spaces behind the bathtub or shower, odd corners in hallways or rooms, as well as corner shelves. If you don't have enough space, you'll simply need to make use of what you have.

2. Bedroom Storage

There are many ways to add extra home storage in your bedroom. Many people use the under-bed space, either by adding drawers and a frame, or by setting up sliding boxes. You can also add hidden storage in your headboard and extra shelves in the closet to ensure you are properly using whatever space there is.

3. Unique Home Storage

Under the stairs, most homes have a small closet that is rarely used for much. With the right shelving set up there, you could end up with a wonderful area to put your belongings. It's also possible to build storage into your stairs in some cases, with pull-out drawers that will keep everything secure and hidden away until you need it.

4. Seated Storage

Do you have plenty of seating in your home? If so, you have the possibility of better home storage. All you need to do is transform those seats into containers. Window seats are a good place to keep large blankets and winter clothing, which can be bulky. Smaller stools or ottomans in the living room will make good hiding spots for anything smaller and you can use bench chests in bedrooms and bathrooms for extra items, as well.

5. Look Up

Higher spaces in many rooms give you extra storage. The space above the kitchen cabinets, for example, as well as the tops of closets and other higher areas can be fitted with bespoke shelving units. Once set up, these areas may not be the easiest to get to, but they are ideal for keeping items you prefer to maintain hidden or if you want to store items you rarely use.

There are plenty of small home storage spaces in your home, it’s simply a matter of setting them up. If you need more ideas or some help with bespoke shelving, contact us for more information.

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