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Choosing The Perfect Fitted Wardrobes

Updated: Feb 12

Wardrobes have been used for centuries to store clothing in a more attractive way. Long before closets were commonly installed in homes, wardrobes served the purpose. Today, they're still a wonderful method of keeping your clothing neat and organised and provide a pleasing visual addition to the space, as well.

You have many options to choose from when it comes to a nice wardrobe. They're available in many styles and colours, so how do you select the right fitted wardrobes?

Measure Your Space

Fitted wardrobes are built to specification, so you'll need to know exactly the size of your space. The right wardrobe will fit so perfectly that no one will know it wasn't built into the house originally. This is a great way to get the extra storage. You can also decide if you want it full room height or if you prefer something with a top on it.

What Kind of Doors?

Doors have a big impact on the functionality of the wardrobe, so you should consider carefully what you need. Swing out doors require more space, but they allow full access to the entire interior of your new space. Sliding wardrobe doors are another option and they're best for smaller spaces.

If you don't have room for a wardrobe door to swing out, sliding doors take up no extra space, as they move over the existing closet area. For those who want something in between, folding doors are a good compromise. They take up less space, but allow easier access to the interior.

Choose a Finish

Wooden fitted wardrobes lend an elegance to the room that is quite noticeable. If you want to give it a more unique look, you can choose a stain or paint to use on the doors. However, fitted mirrored wardrobes are also popular, thanks to a built-in mirror on the doors. Mirrors make the room feel larger and lighter, but they're also helpful for checking your outfit or getting your hair in place.

When choosing the perfect finish for your wardrobe, ensure it looks good with the decor in your room. A heavy, dark wood door may look out of place in a room that is full of white and daylight. Likewise, a daintier design won't fit into a strong, masculine styled room. Choose with care and you'll enjoy your fitted wardrobes for the rest of your life.

Bespoke wardrobes are the best option since they can be made to your specifications. If you're interested in fitted wardrobes, contact The Mirror Door Company to learn more about our services.

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