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Creating The Perfect Home Office: Things To Consider

With so many of us now working from home, having a home office you can be productive in is vital. A workspace should suit all your needs, just like a professional office would. So, here are our top tips to creating a perfect home office.

Natural Lighting

Having natural lighting in your office is essential. Artificial lighting is not beneficial to you, especially during the work day. Natural light will increase the level of vitamin D you are getting and in turn, increase your productivity throughout the working day.

Natural lighting can go nicely with neutral colour schemes too, maintaining a calm energy in your workspace.


Having an organised home office build is important. Clutter can make your workspace feel disorganised and leave you feeling less productive. Having good storage, filing systems and shelving can help your office to feel neat and tidy.

Working in a cluttered environment can make things feel less clear, putting you in the wrong mindset to work. So, investing in good organisation systems is definitely wise.


Plants can bring a nice natural element to your home office. They offer a neutral and calming aura that is sure to create a calm working environment. Plants will work harmoniously with natural light and bring a splash of colour into your office too.


Investing in good furniture for your office is very important. From your desk, to your chair, to your cupboards and storage. A good desk can be the centrepiece of your office. This goes hand in hand with your desk chair too. Bespoke furniture items in your office can help you streamline your furniture and make it efficient, for your office productivity.

While comfort is also important, keeping comfy items like sofas in your office can create a blur in the work life balance, so be careful with mixing your lounge and office furniture.

Personal Decor

While it is important to maintain a work life balance, especially when you are working from home. But, your office doesn’t need to feel completely professional, having a few trinkets or photos can personalise your office and make it your own.


Buying bespoke furniture for your office can make all the difference. Your home office should exude high quality items. Here at the Mirror Door Company, we create beautiful bespoke furniture items to make your home office the perfect workspace. With 24 years of expertise, our designers are here to help you build a space to your exact needs and requirements.

For any further enquiries about what we do and how we can help you, feel free to contact us and speak to one of our highly qualified team members.

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