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Home Improvements: From Mirrored Wardrobe Doors To Fitted Kitchens

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

We all know that age-old saying ‘home is where the heart is’, yet that doesn’t mean our hearts are always in our homes. Everyone deserves to feel at home in their own house, but sometimes little improvements are needed to help you get there.

With the price of houses on the rise, home renovations are more popular than ever, and we are in full support of this.

Whether you wish to be cooking in your dream kitchen or having a dedicated area to get ready in the mornings, thoughtful changes are all you need to make a big difference. We’ve listed some of the most simple yet effective ways you can improve your home.

Bedroom Storage and Shelving Units

What better room to start with than your bedroom? It is the room that provides us all with, arguably, the most comfort and often holds the majority of our personal belongings. Here are a few ways in which you can improve your bedroom to get the most out of your space.

Fitted Wardrobes

The wardrobe - a staple piece of furniture that meets everyone’s needs. The only downside? They tend to be quite big and can be difficult to place in a way that cohesively works with the rest of your furniture.

The solution? A fitted wardrobe. No matter the space you have available, a fitted wardrobe is an excellent way to implement storage space into your bedroom whilst blending in seamlessly with the rest of your room. There are different bedroom wardrobes available depending on the space you have available.

If you have a larger room, a walk-in wardrobe offers plenty of space to store your clothes and accessories in an organised and easy to see way, as well as offering you room to get ready. These can also include built-in dressing units to create a truly dedicated and practical space. Furthermore, they offer better care for your clothes due to the airflow a larger space provides in comparison to a traditional wardrobe.

If you’re working with a smaller room, then a sliding door wardrobe is the way forward. Sliding door wardrobes are made to measure, meaning they are suitable for any size room. These wardrobes also maximise your space as you are not limited to the boundaries of a hinged door.

Sliding door wardrobes can be designed with many finishes, both contemporary and traditional, to best suit your room. They can even be mirrored; having mirrored doors takes away the need to have a stand alone mirror elsewhere, further increasing floor space, and brightens up your room, giving the illusion that it is larger than it really is.

Alcoves and Shelves

Many people forget that furniture and storage don’t all have to be in single units that take up precious floor space. Alcoves and shelves are a unique way of adding dimension to your room as well as offering plenty of options for storage or shelving displays.

For example, having a feature alcove at the head of your bed gives a unified appearance, with built in bedside tables and drawers, and shelving behind the headboard - should you want to display pictures or plants to make your room feel more homely and personal. There is even the option to add lighting into these alcoves, creating a more relaxed atmosphere and making the space feel even more inviting.

TV & Media Walls

Are you one of those people who prefers watching television from the comfort of bed? If yes, perhaps you’ve experienced the issue of where to fit a TV in your bedroom. It could be that you haven’t got a unit for it to stand on, or it takes up too much space. There is, however, another option.

TV and media walls are a perfect way to maximise your wall space. Ideal for your bedroom or your living room, they give a streamlined appearance that doesn’t compromise your floor space. They also hide the annoying cables that are both an eye-sore and a nuisance to keep organised.

TV walls are also a safer option than a standing TV if you have children or pets, who could otherwise knock them and get injured, or play with/bite the cables.

Fitted Kitchens

Whether it’s enjoying a hearty meal with your family or entertaining guests at a dinner party, the kitchen is an important part of every home. A kitchen should feel warm and welcoming, whilst providing a multipurpose space that all the family can benefit from. By installing a fitted kitchen, you can meet all the above criteria as well as any other kitchen desires you may have.

Fitted kitchens provide the perfect opportunity to create your dream space based on both functionality and style, entirely bespoke to your home. There are many options open to you, from kitchen islands and cocktail bars, to glass cabinets and tables with storage.

Home Offices

If you ever work from home, as more people do nowadays, a home office is ideal for creating a space that allows you to remain focused and organised whilst giving that important separation between your work life and home life.

Be it a whole room or just an allocated area, having a home office can meet all your potential needs in having a dedicated working area, with storage for all your important files, equipment and stationary.

It is unhealthy to mix your work and home spaces, so having a specific area dedicated to a working mindset not only allows you to work productively, it also allows you to properly relax and unwind in other areas of your home.


If you and your family find yourselves wishing for more space, then an extension could be a great home improvement for you.

Being easier and most probably cheaper than moving house, an extension allows you to have more space in your home no matter what you may require it for. It could be that you need to build a new bedroom to make space for a new family member, or an extended kitchen to open up your living space and promote socialising with your family and friends; however you decide to extend can be completely compliant with your needs.

Another benefit of house extensions is that they tend to increase the value of your property, should you ever decide to move.


Conservatories could be a slightly cheaper extension to add to your house. Still implementing more space, a conservatory also has its own benefits that may be suitable to you.

Considering the weather in the UK (Scotland especially) isn’t always the warmest, conservatories are an excellent way to enjoy your outdoor space whilst being sheltered from the weather conditions - in fact, the sound of rain on a conservatory roof is a favoured sound by many, being the perfect setting to relax in with a cup of tea and a good book.

They are also an area where natural lighting is in abundance, brightening and warming your home.


If you are on a limited budget, do not have external space for an extension, or simply do not wish to move house, but still want to change or add a space in your home, then a conversion is a great option for you.

Loft conversions are proving increasingly popular nowadays due to the convenience and versatility they have to offer. If you have a family member who wishes to enjoy a space of their own that they may not already have, then a loft conversion can become the perfect bedroom; or if you wish to have an aesthetically pleasing entertainment space, then a loft conversion can become a cosy cinematic hideaway.

Garage conversions are another thing to consider. Despite being their intended use, many people do not actually use their garage to store their car in. Because of this, they end up being an area that's full potential is often wasted. The possibilities of how you could convert your garage are endless; you could set up a home gym, an entertainment bar/cinema room, a home office - the list goes on.

Workspace Designers

Are you based in Scotland and wish to improve your home? MDC, the Mirror Door Company, are the fitted furniture designers for you.

With specialised kitchen, bedroom and workspace designers and fitters, we offer bespoke products that are installed to the highest standards. We work closely with all our customers to provide tailored services that meet your requirements on design and practicality, not expecting any payment until the work is completely finished at a quality you are happy with.

Contact us today, or drop into our Glasgow-based showroom, to learn more about the services we offer and discuss how we can help you make your house feel like a home.

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