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How To Choose The Best Fitted Furniture For Your Interior

Our domestic interiors provide us with a secluded space in which we can rest, relax and enjoy our leisure time. As such, we tend to decorate these spaces in a manner that reflects our unique sense of style, helping to create a personalised retreat from the anonymity and busyness of the outside world.

Because our interiors are so precious, it is important to invest in furniture that truly complements and enriches the space. Fitted storage options for instance can help you to declutter and organise your interior, whilst maintaining a sleek and spacious look. 

As with any furniture option, there are lots of different styles and designs to choose from when it comes to fitted pieces. You might wish to add custom storage solutions to every room, or you may find that a singular fitted piece does the trick. 

Whatever you decide, it is vital that your final selection reflects your storage needs and your own unique sense of style. Read on to find out more about how you can choose the best fitted furniture for your interior.

Fitted Furniture Options For Every Space

Investing in fitted furniture is a great way to maximise storage potential and improve the appearance of your home, where you can choose sleek pieces to suit every space. Below are some key fitted furniture examples, organised by room:


Your bedroom should be a secluded space in which you can unwind and rest every night. As such, it is vital that clothes and accessories are properly organised, so you’re not disrupted by unwanted clutter whilst trying to relax. 


Wardrobes are a top fitted furniture choice, as they can be utilised to maximise storage space in the bedroom. Unlike a freestanding wardrobe, these pieces can be built flush with your walls and ceiling, so every inch of the room is utilised. Within your wardrobe, you can then configure the layout of draws, shelves and hanging space to keep all of your belongings properly sorted. Your wardrobe interior could look something like this:

Bedside Tables

When considering your fitted furniture options, your first instinct may not be for bedside tables. But this classic bedroom feature can also be optimised to save space and create a sleek look. Fitted tables can be built into your walls to save floor space, or these can be added to your bed frame for a cohesive design.

Under Bed Storage

You can also benefit from fitted storage options added beneath the bed, where these can prevent belongings from getting lost or disordered in this cavernous space. This feature could be fitted into your bed frame directly, where you may wish to opt for drawers or a shoe rack.

Living Room

Beyond the bedroom, you may wish to add fitted furniture options to your living space. These can help to make your room look bigger whilst creating a modern and minimalist feel. Whether your preference is for the latest gadgets or for a more traditional lounge aesthetic, fitted pieces are the ideal way to elevate your interior.


Whilst bookshelves may be reserved for the bedroom, they can also be used to create an appealing living room feature. Bespoke, fitted shelving can help you to make the most of every corner, allowing you to find space for all your books.

Media Wall

A media wall is another form of fitted furniture that can transform the look of your interior. This is when your television or screen is attached directly to the wall, saving you floor space and removing the look of unsightly boxes and cables.


Your kitchen is another area that would undoubtedly benefit from fitted pieces. As the hub of your home, it is important that your kitchen has enough storage potential as well as space for your daily activities, where fitted installations can make this possible. 


The staple of any kitchen is its cupboards, where these allow you to safely store pots, plates and non perishable items. As with other fitted furniture options, fitted kitchen cabinets can help you to utilise every corner of your space, so you can store all your things properly with minimal countertop clutter.

Cocktail Bar

Why not bring a bit of fun back into the kitchen with a fitted cocktail station. These can be attached to your counter or carved into a back wall for a sleek look, where this space can then be utilised on a daily basis or reserved for special occasions.


A home office is the perfect place for a furniture investment, where effective interior design choices can contribute to your concentration and productivity levels. Fitted pieces can make this practical space look aesthetically appealing, which can encourage you to feel focused and happy as you work.


Your desk is at the centre of your working life, so it is important that this vital piece of furniture is properly positioned in your space. A fitted desk will be more spacious and ergonomic than a freestanding option, helping to support your daily endeavours.

Storage Space

As in any room in your house, well fitting storage is essential. In an office, this can assist with filing and organisation, where bespoke cabinets or shelving can help you to create a productive work space.

Home Furniture Styles For 2024

Once you’ve decided which fitted furniture piece you’d like in your home, you should then consider the interior design style you’d like to draw from. This can help you to decide on colour palettes and textures for your new furniture. Some key style trends for 2024 include:


Minimalism - this modern, sleek look is a perfect choice for fitted furniture, where you can opt for chrome or glass accents to finish off your installation in a subtle manner.

Natural Touches - bring the outside in with some natural touches, where you may wish to choose sustainable materials and earthy tones for your new furniture pieces.

Curved Pieces - this year curved furniture installations are very much of the moment, where fitted furniture can be sculpted to curve round corners and fit bespoke room layouts.

Dark Wood - choose a moody wood tone for your fitted furniture, where mahogany and walnut are making a comeback this season.

Statement Colours - you may wish to consider a pop of colour for your fitted furniture, in order to create a dramatic centrepiece from your installation.

Mirror Door Company: Custom Furniture Design Services

Look no further than the Mirror Door Company for all your fitted furniture needs. Our range of custom furniture includes wardrobes, media walls and cocktail bars, where we can help you to transform your home with bespoke pieces. 

Our experts can take care of your furniture installation from start to finish, where we also offer comprehensive design and construction services.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about how we can help.

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