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Top Reasons to Get a Fitted Kitchen

Have you looked at modern kitchen designs that are premade, just to find them lacking? Is there something you want in your kitchen that will give you exactly the space you desire? A fitted kitchen is one that is designed to fit your specific needs. There are so many options available to you that it's possible to give you the exact kitchen you want.

Here are the main reasons you should choose a fitted kitchen:

Built to Suit Your Needs

Everyone has a different way of using their kitchen. What is the most important thing for you? For some, it's having extra counter space with island units, for others, multiple wall ovens are necessary. Sit down and consider what you use most in the kitchen. What do you complain about? What features have you always insisted would be present in your dream home? Now is the time to incorporate these into your fitted kitchen.

Make the Best Use of Your Space

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, but if it's cramped and uncomfortable, you can't do a lot with it. A fitted kitchen allows you to take the space you have and turn it into the best possible version of itself. If you have odd corners and strange measurements, a bespoke kitchen design will help you use every centimetre of space. The cabinets will be tailored to fit the size of the room you have and island units can be made as wide or narrow as needed to set up the kitchen the way you need it.

Choose Your Fittings and Finishes

The look of a kitchen has a lot to do with how the cupboards and counters are finished. When you purchase a pre-made kitchen, there are limited choices. A fitted kitchen has plenty to offer and you can select everything from the colour of the paint or stain to the countertop material and even the handles on the drawers and cupboards.

Accommodate Any Preferences You Have

For some people, even things like the height of the counters or the depth of the cabinets can be troublesome. If you're taller than usual, you may need some adjustments. Likewise, if you're shorter, you may prefer lower cabinets and counters. There are so many ways to make the kitchen just right for your particular needs. All you have to do is recognise them.

A bespoke kitchen gives you the opportunity to make it your own. Whether you want a modern kitchen design or just prefer a rustic look, you can have everything made the way you want it. It will fit nicely in the space you have and give you the kitchen of your dreams. For many people, this is very different from what the standard pre-built kitchens and island units look like.

If you're interested in getting the kitchen of your dreams, contact The Mirror Door Company for more information.

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