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A Brief History Of Furniture And Its Many Purposes

Furniture really is as old as humanity itself, although early forms are rudimentary the basic ideas are prevalent, the concept of furniture working around a certain space to fit the needs of an individual certainly isn't new but this blog will explore just how old those ideas really are!

Bespoke furniture

Ancient Furniture

Furniture customisation dates back to the Palaeolithic period, this predates the Neolithic period which portrays furniture craft’s antiquity. A Russian figurine depicting an individual on a throne is the earliest evidence of furniture yet the earliest example of furniture which is still here today is the furniture of Skara Brae a Neolithic settlement, there are stone bespoke storage units and wardrobe-like constructions. Interestingly they also had a door which was a stone slab on which one could place a bar across as an effective lock. You can learn more about the Skara Brae site here.

Although this is extremely early furniture predating many ancient civilizations, when presented with furniture created by the Ancient Egyptians it is rather overshadowed. Much furniture from the Ancient Egyptian period is still intact due to their belief their possessions travel with them into the afterlife, so many notable Ancient Egyptians such as Tutankhamun were buried with their furniture and sealed within tombs so air did not affect the bio-degrading of the furniture. These are just a few examples of the many ancient examples of furniture!

Modern historical furniture customisation

When presented with the Bayeux Tapestry one can tell through the art of tapestry by the time the mediaeval period had begun, instead of making merely functioning furniture, the ornateness of pieces had become a goal within furniture-making. Examples of this can be seen as early as the Byzantine Empire ornate furniture existed before this, like Ancient Greek furniture, however in furniture which has survived to this day, the Byzantine Empire prevails. Eventually furniture craft began to take hold, such as mediaeval gothic furniture which was made of oak and included many religious themes and mythical creatures.

In Italy, the Renaissance influenced furniture craftsmanship taking inspiration from the gothic style yet focused on intricate details. Succeeding the Renaissance influence, Baroque-deigned furniture took hold which featured larger, grander pieces rather than ornate details than before. At a similar time to the Baroque style, neoclassical furniture was also popular, featuring fewer swirls and a minimalist approach in the shape of the furniture but with fine details.

How bespoke storage has been present throughout history

Throughout history, you can notice how furniture, whether that be in Skara Brae’s neolithic settlement or perfectly situated within the tombs of Tutankhamun, shelving and the idea of making the storage spaces or displays, bespoke to the purpose and building are ever-present. Just like in antiquity, here at MDC (Mirror Door Company) we still understand the importance of making furniture work around your homes and needs which is why we offer bespoke kitchens and bespoke storage to suit you.

MDC (Mirror Door Company): Understanding Your Bespoke Needs

We may not carve your bespoke kitchens out of stone anymore but we still fit your new bespoke storage units around your home, we as a company know how important your home is to you and know how difficult it can be to achieve a room which fits both your aesthetic ideals and practical needs, which is why we offer free consultations to discuss your new bespoke furniture to get to know your home as well as you do!

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