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Fitted Kitchen Accessories & Additions: Your In-Depth Guide

A modern white kitchen unit with a built-in oven

A home is so much more than the practical shelter where we sleep and eat - instead, it is an emotion-rich hub that contains and supports all of our daily experiences. It is where we go to unwind with loved ones, to be productive with our work, and to enjoy our leisure time. All of these essential experiences are reflected in and supported by the decor that we surround ourselves with, as we strive to build an interior that truly enriches our everyday life.

A huge part of this is the home kitchen, where this space often forms the centre of a bustling interior. The kitchen is a vital source of nourishment, entertainment and care, and as such it should be designed to encourage these positive, life-affirming experiences. This can be achieved with the help of a fitted design, where a kitchen can be formed from built-in units that are working to create a seamless, practical space.

Read on to find out more about fitted kitchen accessories and additions, with a look at how deliberate design choices can support you in your daily endeavours.

Essential Design Elements

A fitted kitchen is formed without free-standing equipment, where built-in fridges, ovens and cupboards are used to save space and create an attractive interior. But beyond these fundamental fittings, there are a range of design features that must be considered before you start accessorising. Some essential elements that you should consider include:

Colour Scheme - The colours you choose for your kitchen will dictate the entire feel of your space, where you can choose accessories that are a perfect match for your fitted appliances or stand-out pieces that create a contrast.

Layout - When designing a new fitted kitchen, there are a range of layouts to choose from, these include U-shaped, L-shaped and island layouts. The option you go for depends on the amount of space you have to work with and the kind of worktop orientation you prefer.

Practicalities - It can be easy to get carried away by design ideas and forget that your kitchen needs to operate on a practical level. This means ensuring that you have enough storage and plentiful workspaces and that you’re choosing hardwearing materials.

Utilities - Another aspect of building a practical kitchen is making sure that all your utilities are working correctly. Install overhead lights where they will be most useful, where you can also invest in water filters, energy-efficient bulbs and specialist taps to enrich your kitchen experience.

Budget - Most kitchen fittings will be subject to some kind of budget restrictions, where this can influence the materials and accessories that you choose. Consider your budget as a whole before you begin the design process, as this can ensure that you have enough funds to still finish your project to a high standard.

Refit or Refurbish? - Sometimes a kitchen can be refurbished whilst maintaining its original features, whilst if you’re looking to install a new fitted kitchen, then this will require a complete redo. Often the choice of whether you will refit or refurbish depends on your budget and the current condition of your space.

A Guide To Fitted Kitchen Accessories & Additions

Once your key appliances have been fitted, it is then time to add an array of accessories that can make your kitchen more attractive and easier to use. It is vital to consider what you will be using your kitchen space for as you choose these accessories so that they complement your everyday way of life. 

Some additions that you may wish to make include:

Storage Solutions

When you install a fitted kitchen, your cupboards will be added alongside your appliances to provide a baseline of kitchen storage, but it can be beneficial to include a range of further storage solutions to enrich your space. These can be fitted by your design team to ensure that they match the surrounding appliances, where you may wish to specify the kinds of shelving and cupboards you’d like to include. 

Some additional features that could be added to your kitchen include wine racks, plate racks, utensil holders and specially designed spice cupboards. All of these elements can keep your kitchen tidy whilst making it easier for you to cook on a daily basis.


Your worktops will also be fitted as part of the standard kitchen installation, but as with your storage, you will be given the option to design these according to your specifications. Consider what kind of materials will be hard-wearing, or what will complement your existing colour scheme, where granite, laminates and marble all make for popular choices. 

The expanse of your worktops will be fitted in accordance with your chosen layout, and whether you’ve opted for additional food preparation space with the installation of an island or a U-shaped kitchen.


Depending on your kitchen space, you may also need to consider what seating to opt for. Seating may be required in a kitchen if you have an island, bar or table included in the room, particularly if you have a combined kitchen and dining space. Try to combine comfort, practicality and aesthetics when you make your choice, as this will encourage you to actually sit in these chairs instead of simply installing them as an architectural feature.

Cooking Accessories

Ultimately your kitchen is designed for cooking, where you can make this space even more usable with the right accessories. Storage systems such as knife racks, utensil pots and cutlery drawers can make it easier to find the right tool quickly. Other features such as overhead extractor fans, recipe book holders and wipe-clean finishes on your countertops and cooker can all contribute to creating a free-flowing and practical cooking experience.


Your floors are another fully customisable element that helps to form a fitted kitchen. These can be chosen in order to match appliances and fitted storage solutions, where flooring can also be picked to complement your worktops. As with your countertops, flooring should be chosen for practicality as well as for aesthetics, where wood and composite options are often the most popular choices.

Soft Furnishings 

As with any room in your house, you can increase your comfort level with the addition of some carefully chosen soft furnishings. These can help to counteract the hard edges of your countertops and appliances in order to make a practical kitchen space appear more homely and inviting. 

Some options to consider may include tea towels and cloths that match your colour scheme, or purposeful cooking accessories such as aprons and oven gloves. Beyond this, you could add cushions to bar stools and window seats, whilst ornamental place setting can help to enrich the overall appearance of your kitchen space. Greenery and fresh flowers may also be added at the very end of the design process in order to further soften and enhance the look of your kitchen.

Mirror Door Company: Bespoke Kitchen Design For Your Home

At the Mirror Door Company, we can offer a range of fitted kitchen services, where our team can design an entirely unique interior according to your personal specifications. Our bespoke kitchens can be adapted to maximise storage potential or to support your everyday cooking adventures, where we can tweak and change each detail to suit you. 

So whether you require bespoke sliding doors, ornate cupboard handles or an intricate granite island, our expert kitchen fitters are here to help. If you’re not sure quite what will work for your space, we can offer the professional insight you require, meaning you’ll always end up with the perfect kitchen interior for your property.

Beyond this, we can also help to redesign your bedroom interior with fitted features and appliances, helping you to transform every inch of your home. Our in-house fitting team are experienced at handling projects of all sizes, where all of our workmanship is backed up by a solid 5-year guarantee. This means that you can choose us with confidence.  

So why not get in touch with us to arrange your free consultation, and kick-start your home renovation today.

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