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Spring Cleaning: Organise Your Fitted Wardrobe for the New Season

Light bedroom with mirrored door reflecting outdoor light

With spring well and truly upon us, it’s never too late to rejuvenate your bedroom and indulge in a spot of spring cleaning. Whether your wardrobe has become filled and disorganised or you just want to find things faster, here are our tips to spring clean your fitted bedroom furniture.

Invest in storage

If your bedroom furniture customisation is cutting it, try and find your own storage containers to fit into your wardrobe. Utilise storage solutions such as bins, baskets, and dividers to maximise space and keep your wardrobe organised. Consider investing in slimline hangers to optimise hanging space and prevent clothing from slipping off. Rather than having piles of random clothing, your storage containers can keep all items from each category in the same place. This makes it much easier to find and grab what you’re looking for. 

Cut-down your clothing

The main reason your wardrobe is overwhelming is because you have too much stuff. If you don’t wear all of it, it might be time for a declutter. Use this seven step organisation method to clear some things out.

  • Have you worn this piece in the past year?

  • Does it still fit?

  • Is it in good condition?

  • Is it a sentimental item and do you have another way to remember this event/time?

  • Do you have anything similar to this item that you prefer?

  • Could you be talked into throwing it away or donating it?

  • Do you feel comfortable and content in this item?

This will help you decide what is necessary and what can be donated.

Plan for seasonal rotation

As you organise your wardrobe, consider setting aside seasonal items that you won't need for the current season. Store these items in labeled bins or garment bags to free up space and make it easier to access the clothes you'll be wearing regularly.

Choose bespoke bedroom furniture

Bespoke bedroom furniture such as sliding wardrobe doors are a great way to allow for furniture customisation that suits you and your needs. At Mirror Door Company, we specialise in furniture customisation to help ensure your fitted bedroom furniture does everything you want it to. If your spring clean this year has made you realise the need for better bedroom furniture design, speak to us today.

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