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Bedroom Wardrobes, Tech & Other Essentials for Your New Home

Are you moving house soon and you’re not sure what you need to buy to make it feel like home? As a family, when you move from one home to another, it’s important to bring with you all the things that make it your space. However, you may want a fresh start or you might be moving from a much smaller home and you’ll need to buy new furniture to fill up the new one. If that’s the case, we want to help you out. We’ve put together this guide to help you know exactly what essentials and other items you might want to consider buying. From fitted bedroom furniture to smart speakers, what options are there for your new home?

Hinged wardrobes

When should you start buying for your new home?

You should try to have some of the basics ready for your move-in date, a bed, some kitchen essentials etc but you can wait until a few weeks after your move-in day to get the bulk of it. This is because you won’t be able to get your furniture delivered to an unoccupied house or while the previous owners are still living there. You also don’t want to waste money on buying items for your new home by having to transport them from your old home. If you wait till you’ve moved in and you really know what you want to do with the space, this will be much more beneficial.

Essential furniture

There is a lot of furniture to buy if you are moving from furnished accommodation, however, you may already have some ready to move into your home. It’s best to consider the size of the rooms you are moving into as they may not be suitable for certain types of furniture. For example, a large living room will look strange with a small two-seater sofa, so it might be time to invest in a large L-shaped sofa that actually fits the space.

Think about how you want your new home to look and go shopping at a furniture store to see everything in person. If you are unsure what you want, you may want to wait until you have moved in to buy your new furniture. However, it’s good to get some essentials so that you have something there for you when you move in. Beds are obviously a very important thing to start with, however, if you haven’t found the right bed frame yet, you can get away with sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the time being. You might also want to get some tables and chairs as eating on the floor isn’t much fun.

Fitted bedroom furniture

The perfect way to make sure your new bedrooms are suited to your needs is to invest in fitted bedroom furniture that not only fits the room perfectly but also your busy lifestyle. Whether you have kids with lots of toys and games or you want all of your clothes fitted neatly behind sliding closet doors, fitted bedroom furniture might be the right answer. You can find bedroom furniture design that is actually suited to your room specifications rather than trying to fit large bulky wardrobes that aren’t right for the space. There is a range of fitted bedroom furniture on the market, from sleek sliding wardrobes to spacious shelving and it will be perfect in your new family home.


It isn’t until you move house that you realise how much stuff you own and it can be daunting trying to find a place to store it all. The best thing to do is get furniture to store your belongings in before you move house so that you know where everything is going to go and you don’t have piles of things lying around the house. In the bedrooms, you’ll want wardrobes that fit the space and maybe a chest of drawers, or you can find fitted bedroom furniture that encompasses all the storage in your space. Why not consider a fitted wardrobe from Mirror Door Company? Fitted with bespoke sliding doors, they can keep all of your junk out of eyesight and ensure your new home looks great.

Storage can also be a design choice such as incorporating a bookcase into your hallway or lounge and displaying all of your favourite books and items. Perhaps you are choosing to have a home office, you’ll need extra storage to create this room. Bespoke home office installation is a great way to keep this organised. You’ll have paperwork, books, stationery and a computer to keep organised and it’ll be hard without the right design. Bespoke home office installation will give you plenty of storage space with drawers, shelves and desk space that suits your needs so that you can really enjoy working in your new home.

Home gadgets

Home gadgets can make your home living much easier and more fun. Whether you want to make it easier to adjust the temperature or instantly play your favourite song, there’s a gadget out there for you. Smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home are a great option and offer tonnes of uses. Smart speakers let you play whatever music you want, anytime, with a simple voice command. In addition, you can listen to audiobooks, play games, or ask Alexa or Google to tell you a joke.

If you hate vacuuming there are robotic vacuums on the market that will periodically go around your home and make sure every corner is clean. This is ideal for busy families that are prone to making lots of mess. Smart thermostats are also great and allow you to adjust the temperature of your home easily from your phone. You can even put the heating on a timer to turn on 20 minutes before you get home or right before you wake up, so you never have to come home to a cold house.

Here are some other home gadgets you might consider installing:

- Smart locks

- Doorbell cameras

- Immersive speakers

- Smart fridges

- Motorised blinds

- Streaming systems

Decorative detailing

Once you have the essential furniture in your home, you’ll want to start with some decor. This will be a chance to pull together all the finishing touches and really make your new house a home. To begin with, you’ll probably want to select colour schemes for each room. Your kids may want to pick their own exciting colours that won’t necessarily match the rest of the house but you can begin to put together their bedrooms once you know what colours they would like.

For the rest of the house, you might want to try and make a cohesive colour palette that makes your downstairs rooms flow. Having your living room look completely different from your kitchen might look a bit strange and not enable you to create a seamless home design. If you’re in doubt, keep it neutral and you can always add brighter colours down the line. It’s best to start decorating with larger pieces such as sofas, beds and sliding closet doors before adding smaller accent pieces such as pillows and canvases. You can always speak to an interior designer and ask them to design your home’s interior for you. This way you can be sure your home will look great.

Adding neat little features at this point is also fun. Why not consider a cocktail bar or entertainment room with fitted furniture that brings together your home?

Bespoke sliding doors and fitted bedrooms from Mirror Door Company

Are you looking for quality fitted bedroom furniture in Scotland? At Mirror Door Company, we offer beautiful fitted furniture for any room in your home. So if you’re moving into your new family home and want to design your space from scratch, get in touch. We can help you with home offices, bedrooms, kitchens and much more. Call our team today to learn how we can help you with your new family home design.

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