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How to Create the Perfect Home Office

As more and more companies implement work-from-home into their offices, it’s important we have spaces in our homes that help contribute to productivity as well as comfort. Many of us may have spent lockdowns working from the sofa or dining table because our homes are not designed for working from home.

However, we are now able to make spaces more comfortable and suited to the work we have to do. If you’re thinking of renovating your spare room into a home office or just want to improve the one you currently have, here are some of our top tips for creating the ideal modern home office.

Select the right space

Some people opt to put their home office in a room that isn’t being used, however, not everyone has that much free space, so you may have to be creative. If you plan to put your home office in your dining room or living room, you need to try to create as much separation from your living spaces as possible as it can be a cause for distraction and make it hard to separate work and home. You can use bookshelves to divide space or erect a standing desk in a quieter corner of your home to help you get more done.

Select the right lighting

One of the most important features of your modern home office is lighting. Studies have shown that poor lighting can lead to drowsiness and difficulty concentrating. Your best option is to put your desk next to a window or under a skylight to get the most out of the natural light available to you. This will help you feel great and make your work much easier. If this isn’t an option, choose ambient lighting that is close to natural lighting and won’t make you feel tired.

Consider ergonomics

One of the worst things you can do for your body is sitting in a chair that is bad for your back. Just because you only work from home a couple of days a week, doesn't mean you shouldn’t invest in quality ergonomic furniture. Opt for the best option for your spine and back with a chair that supports your back and forearms.

The Mirror Door Company offers quality home office designs to really bring your home to life. Whether you want to transform an unused room or want to optimise a living space to create a home office, we can help. We offer quality interior design plans that will provide you with an accurate and realistic design. Get in touch today to learn more.

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