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Selecting the Ideal Fitted Wardrobes for Your Property

Creating the perfect space to call home takes time, patience and consideration. As eager as you can be to attack everything in one go, it’s best to take a step back and think about the choices you’ll make. Remember, it’s not just aesthetics that you should be focusing on, but you’ll also want to think about the practical aspects like space and functionality.

When it comes to your bedroom’s interior design in particular, one important aspect of the room that you should focus on is the wardrobe. The wardrobe is something you will see and use every day, and the type you choose is greatly impacted by a number of factors at play.

Read on below as we discuss why a fitted wardrobe may be the best solution for you, along with the considerations you should be making when choosing one.

Fitted wardrobe

Considering Bedroom Furniture Design: Why Opt for a Fitted Wardrobe?

When it comes to storage space, more is often favoured than less, however it can also be a pain when storage units themselves then take up space or don’t fit attractively in a room, creating a whole new obstacle to overcome! Fitted wardrobes, however, tackle these two issues in one go.

Built-in wardrobes are fitted into your specific space, utilising areas where traditional wardrobes and storage units may not be feasible in order to maximise the storage space potential in your bedroom. Not only are they practical in this sense, but they also have a much more seamless appearance, blending in with the rest of the interior rather than standing out or appearing ill-fitting.

Fitted wardrobes are especially useful for couples who share a bedroom.

Most standalone wardrobes are enough to fit one person’s clothes in, but when there’s two of you? The space offered simply isn’t enough. At the same time, you also don’t want to have two bulky wardrobe units taking up space in your bedroom. A fitted wardrobe offers you the same amount of storage much more seamlessly.

On top of that, should you ever look to sell your home in the future, they also have the added benefit of adding to your property’s appeal and value! People looking to buy a new home tend to be much more drawn to homes that have existing, integrated storage solutions due to their practicality and streamlined appearance.

Choosing the Right Wardrobe for Your Bedroom Interior


Choosing your ideal type of fitted wardrobe is heavily dependent on space - namely the amount of space you have available and the size you want your wardrobe to be.

Our personal advice, assuming your budget allows, is to fit as large a wardrobe as possible - especially taking advantage of height where you can. Extra storage space can prove to be invaluable, even when you don’t initially think you need it!

The layout of your room will also impact the type of fitted wardrobe that will be most suitable. For example, if you have a room on the smaller side and don’t want to heavily eat into this space, then a fitted wardrobe that sits at the sides of your bed and provides overhead storage. Alternatively, you may have more space in your room for a wardrobe to be fitted against a specific wall, though there could be other items of furniture that would obstruct hinged doors, in which case you should opt for a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors.


Though they shouldn’t be your only focus, aesthetics are still important to consider. Just as you’ll think about where you want your fitted wardrobe to be installed and which type is most suitable for your space, you’ll want to think about how its design fits in with the rest of your room’s style.

You’ll want to carefully consider the materials and colours you have in mind before going ahead and having the wardrobe fitted into your room, which may otherwise be incompatible.

For example, if you see a wardrobe design in a colour that you love, but this colour doesn’t match the colour scheme of the rest of your room, then you’ll have to reconsider which colour you choose from the options available. Similarly, you may choose a wardrobe that has gold, silver or brass hardware, yet if this doesn’t match the hardware on your other furniture pieces or other details in your room, then this can really stand out and imbalance the room’s overall aesthetic.

It could be that you don’t feel a wooden material suits the other textures in your room, either, in which case a mirror wardrobe with metal hardware may be better suited. Mirror wardrobes look especially effective in smaller rooms, as they reflect the natural light in the room and give it the illusion of appearing more spacious.


Something that is important for you to think about is what you need from your wardrobe. Think about how you use your current wardrobe and how this will translate into how you will use your new one - are there certain items that you don’t store away currently that you wish to, or vice versa? Are you looking for more hanging space for clothes, shelves for shoes or cubbies for accessories and bags?

Once you’ve thought about your usage and key needs from your wardrobe, this will allow you to then think about the ways in which it can be the most functional - which leads us nicely onto our next point.


Just as you want to think about the wardrobe’s exterior, you’ll also want to consider the interior of the wardrobe. After deciding what you require from your wardrobe functionally, this will allow you to make decisions on how these needs can be met.

For one, you’ll want to consider the hanging space that you require in proportion to the types of clothes you have. For example, if you have plenty of long coats and dresses, then you’ll require the hanging space for these, whilst if you have more tops and trousers, then two rows of half-height rails would be better use of the space.

The same logic applies for shelves and drawers. Many modern fitted wardrobes feature innovative built-in storage solutions, such as shoe racks, drawers, shelves and even adjustable cubby holes. These are useful for storing smaller items, such as pants and socks, or accessories and jewellery. Being able to fit storage spaces like these into your built-in wardrobe also has the benefit of reducing the storage you require outside of your wardrobe, thus freeing up space elsewhere in your room.

How MDC Can Help

Are you looking to maximise the space in your bedroom? Here at MDC The Mirror Door Company, we specialise in the design and supply of a range of fitted bedroom furniture, including fitted wardrobes.

No matter the size and layout of your space, we have the specialist equipment, skills and experience to design and fit furniture that meets your vision. We will discuss your needs and requirements and will even carry out the measuring of your space.

Once your space has been measured, we will discuss the best layout to suit your needs with you, along with the finishing options available, all of which you can browse from our selection of storage solutions, door fronts and finishing's. This is so that we can create the most suitable solution without compromising on either style or functionality, ready for the final design to be created and installed by our professional team.

Are you looking to upgrade other rooms in the home? No worries! We don’t just work with bedrooms, whether you’re looking to create a modern home office, design your dream kitchen or like the sound of creating your own at-home cocktail bar, you can count on us to make your visions a reality - bringing them to life through the very best execution.

If you live in Scotland and would like to discuss how we can help you create your dream home room-by-room, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. With over 30 years of experience behind our belt, you can count on us to get the job done right - that’s why we offer a five-year guarantee on all work we complete!

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