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Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors And Other Great Home Features

Updated: Feb 12

Designing and renovating your home is an endlessly exciting process. It can be a great opportunity to maximise the functionality and style of your home. To achieve this, there are a few features you can install into your home to lift each room’s stylistic level and interior design quality.


Read on for some ideas for stunning design features to help elevate the style of your home.

sliding mirror doors

Elegant Storage

When storing your items, you can feel slightly at a loss. It never really feels like there’s quite enough space for everything. We have a few suggestions for how you can install space-saving elements that look good and make you feel great.

Kitchen Cupboard Storage Rails

When storing items in the kitchen, one way to make your space organised is by designing kitchen cupboards that work smoothly and functionally. With kitchen cupboards that have rails inside for item storage, you can maximise the space you have with ease. When pulled out, these look clean and tidy whilst keeping your kitchen surfaces that same way.

Under stair Storage Unit

An understated but great and functional way of storing items in the home is to install under staircase storage. While closets under the stairs can make your hallway feel less open, pigeon-hole style storage can make it feel big, while keeping the needed storage space.


Storage units can also be much more accessible as drawers can be incorporated, making it better for family members with mobility issues. The open-plan storage can also be adjusted to what you need to store there, whether it be a vacuum cleaner or each pair of shoes.

Sliding Mirror Wardrobes

These wardrobes are fantastic space savers. The reflective effect will also make your room look much bigger. Sliding mirror wardrobe doors are a great way to check your outfit, as they are larger than a standard full-bodied mirror.


Full-bodied mirrors are also difficult to find space for as they require much more room than just the wall space to be fully functional. As the mirror wardrobe doors slide, however, they don’t even require the space for a door to open. They are the perfect design solution to make your bedroom interior functional but fun.

Bespoke Lighting Solutions

To light up your home, both figuratively and literally, try some bespoke lighting solutions. There are many fashionable options that you can choose from. Keep reading for some ideas to keep in mind when redesigning your home.

Wall Fixture Lighting

To declutter your floors, try installing wall fixture lamps. These lamps are particularly great in the bedroom. These come in a variety of styles and shapes, so whatever style your bedroom interior is, these can help to elevate it.


One particular perk of wall fixture lamps is that a lot less cleaning comes with them as well, as you no longer need to hoover around awkward lamps, needless to mention all the dusting.

Touch Lamps

If you do decide to opt for a lamp for a cosy feel, try touch lamps. These lamps operate with a single tap of your finger, making them easy and accessible while looking fantastic. Instead of requiring an unsightly switch that hangs down and is always a struggle to find, touch lamps maintain a clean and sleek appearance while maintaining functionality.

Hanging Pendant Bulbs

Ceiling pendants can be used to elevate your home decoration, adding in an industrial touch. Try bare bulbs too, as these give off a stylistic air while also brightening your room. These can be great installed over dining tables or home cocktail bars.


It’s surprising how much this change in lighting arrangement can change each room. Even a fitted home office can look more expensive and chic with a simple change in ceiling light. Use hanging pendant lighting for a more modern home office feel.

Personal Touches

To make a house a home, it’s important to incorporate personal touches that really make the space yours. This doesn’t have to be everyday clutter; instead, you can design specific features that look good and show off your personality.

Framed Prints

Buying prints to hang up is an inexpensive but effective way to decorate your home. They can add a pop of colour to any room, and aesthetically incorporate your hobbies and interests. If you like gardening, for example, decorating your home with pressed prints of your favourite plants is a great way to show this.


Music prints can also be great, as you can display meaningful lyrics in a chic way. Try hanging up a print of your favourite song in a well-seen place, to bring a real personality to your home. Besides being stylish, these can help to remind you of valued memories, such as a wedding.

Photo Canvases

Glossy finished photo canvases are great for adding a personal touch to your space. You can show off your family members as a statement piece, such as a large canvas portrait. Photo canvases are also great for highlighting those important moments in your life, whether an anniversary or a graduation, you can give the space and dedication to those moments.

Displayed Keepsakes

When travelling around, it’s always great to bring back those memories. Try displaying some keepsakes from your trips in your home in creative ways to stylistically show your belongings that mean the most.


One great idea could be framing a train ticket bought while travelling, or maybe creating a collage of shells collected on a beach. If you’re not into travelling, you could choose to display a ticket stub from a concert or play. However you choose to display your items, try to merge them into the rest of your decor for a seamless feel.

Home Technologies

Technology is growing further than just in the workplace. There are now new solutions that can become great features of your home whilst looking effortless and stylish. Read on for some ideas that can help improve your space.

Smart Speakers

The use of smart speakers in your home is a new innovative way of making your home more accessible and more fun, whilst looking great. These speakers can be installed anywhere in your home you might like.


These speakers can be used to turn on your electronics, reducing the need for multiple remote controls cluttering your surfaces. As they can perform multiple tasks in one sleek item, they can be incorporated into any fresh design.

Boiling Water Taps

These taps can be a great addition to your home. Boiling water taps will provide you with cold, room temperature and boiling water in one easy appliance. They can be used for all manner of things, including, and perhaps most importantly, they can be used to instantly make a cup of tea.


As your kettle becomes obsolete, you can achieve smooth and uncluttered counters more easily for a sleek look. Furthermore, these taps not only save space and time but money too. As the energy used when utilising the boiling water is less than it takes for a kettle to boil, you can save on your bills.

Media Walls

One increasingly popular method of turning your home into a seamless setting is installing a media wall. These walls hide your cables and keep your television the spotlight of the room, so you can enjoy aesthetically pleasing surroundings and no one has to crane their necks on film nights.


Not only can these walls do all the above, but you can have extra features installed, such as an electric fireplace. This gives your room a warm and inviting feel, making it feel like home. Try having storage installed around your television too, such as decorative shelves and drawers, to keep your remotes stored away while giving attention to the bits you’d like.

What We Do

At MDC The Mirror Door Company, we offer fitted bespoke designs that can transform your home environment. Whatever renovation you’re after, we create specialised interiors that maximise your comfort within your home. We can guarantee to be with you every step of the way, from home consultations to design, construction and installation.


We pride ourselves on fantastic bedroom designs, featuring a whole range of sliding wardrobe doors. Perhaps you’d like a new kitchen, with customisable options and top-of-the-range appliances? Or maybe a modern home office that maximises your productivity and minimises your distractions? We can design and complete all these projects, with a five-year guarantee to ensure your happiness.


Besides the above, we can offer other projects that meet your desire, even if you can’t find what you’re after. Whether it’s a bookcase or bay window storage, you can get in touch with your ideas to see how we can help.


Visit our website to learn more about what we can do for you and view some of our recent projects, or contact us directly to get started.


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