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The Pros and Cons of Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Part of making your house a home is furnishing and decorating it in a way that balances functionality with your personal interior design taste, adding a unique flair that reflects your character. Of course, you also have to consider the space you're working with, which can sometimes pose more of an obstacle than you may have thought.

Thankfully, there is an effective option that is suitable for almost any space, regardless of whether it’s big, small or awkwardly shaped: fitted furniture. Incorporating fitted furniture into your bedroom is a great way to bridge your design and practicality needs, creating an attractive and functional bedroom interior without compromising too much on space.

Keep reading as we discuss the advantages fitted bedroom furniture has to offer, as well as some of the drawbacks, allowing you to consider if this could be the ideal option for you (we’re confident it will be!).

A made bed against a wall

What Does Having a Fitted Bedroom Mean?

Before we go on to discuss the benefits, you may be wondering ‘what exactly is fitted furniture’? Unlike freestanding furniture, which you can place anywhere in a room and move at any point, fitted furniture refers to custom-built furniture that is made-to-measure based on your room’s measurements and fixed to the floor or walls.

This makes fitted furniture a more integrated and permanent storage solution, bringing with it a whole host of benefits that aren’t offered by traditional freestanding furniture, which we’ll now go on to discuss in more detail.

The Pros of Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Adds to Your Property Value

Not only does fitted furniture benefit you in the present, but it can also benefit you in the future - if you ever consider selling your home, that is. Fitted storage is often seen as a luxury feature since it isn’t traditionally included in the design of a home’s interior as standard.

As with anything considered to be a luxury feature, this automatically helps increase the value of your home. Furthermore, because it offers the necessary storage space required in a room, potential buyers won’t have to worry about investing in extra furniture upon moving in, saving them money, time and hassle throughout the moving-in process.

Not only that but the practicality and seamless appearance offered can help to increase your home’s curb appeal. When viewing homes to buy, prospecting buyers usually have to envision the potential that home offers, imagining what it would like once they’ve decorated it themselves; fitted furniture helps them to envision this better, being especially helpful and convenient to those who aren’t passionate about interior design and would much rather have part of this already taken care of for them.

Large Variation of Design Possibilities

The options for fitted bedroom furniture are incredibly versatile, with a range of designs, styles and colours to choose from, allowing you to create an ideal solution that has been customised to suit both your preferences and the existing aesthetic of your bedroom.

Regardless of the space in which you’ll be utilising, there are a variety of options for how you can do so. For example, you could have drawers, cabinets or shelving depending on your practical needs and aesthetic tastes.

You then have control over the appearance of these, with different materials, textures, colours and fixtures to choose from. For instance, you could choose between:

  • Wood or acrylic draws

  • Opaque or mirrored doors

  • Natural wood finish or painted finish matching the colour palette of your room

  • Brass handles or handleless design

Unlike most readily available freestanding furniture, which tends to be available in only a singular or limited selection of designs, fitted furniture is completely customisable, giving you a lot more options to work with to create your desired aesthetic.

Effective Use of Space

Not only is fitted furniture versatile in terms of design, but it’s also versatile in terms of space. Fitted furniture is arguably the best option if you’re looking to fully maximise the amount of space available and achieve full storage potential in your room.

Because it’s custom built, it can fit in with any and all areas of your bedroom where there is storage potential, making it an especially effective option for those with smaller rooms or rooms with awkward shapes and spaces, such as slanted ceilings or angular alcoves. If you instead rely on freestanding furniture for storage, then you leave many spaces unused, thus wasting their potential - not to mention, that you’ll be eating into the precious main spaces elsewhere in your bedroom.

When we say every inch of space is utilised, we really mean it! Take the area surrounding your bed, for example; instead of simply settling for bedside tables, you could create an alcove that incorporates fitted bedside tables (drawers included) and shelving above the headboard area, with soffit cabinets above the bed and floor-to-ceiling cabinet wardrobes on the outer sides of the bedside tables.

Instantly, you’ve gone from having just enough space to store your bedside essentials to having storage for spare bedding, clothes and more!

Another great option is to use sliding doors over hinged doors. If floor space is limited, then sliding doors allow you to access your wardrobe or cabinet without intruding into your floor space further. This offers you more room to move around and helps with making your bedroom feel less confined and cluttered.

High-Quality Furniture

Whilst flatpack furniture is, admittedly, an attractive furniture option for many homeowners due to its relatively affordable price point, there’s no denying that fitted furniture is a worthwhile investment that will last you much longer.

Bespoke fitted furniture tends to be of higher quality, with many fitters (including us here at MDC The Mirror Door Company) using only the best, most reliable materials. On top of this, you also benefit from quality, expert installation carried out by experienced professionals. As such, your fitted furniture is set up to last a long time, saving you money in the long run.

In comparison, cheaper, DIY furniture tends to be of a lower quality that’s more likely to become damaged and require replacing, meaning you end up spending more money over time. Of course, you could always invest in high-quality or luxury furniture pieces, however, this can be expensive - so you’d be better off spending the same amount of money for bespoke fitted furniture that is customised to suit your needs exactly!

Seamless, Spacious Design

All of the aforementioned benefits ultimately work together to create a seamless and spacious room design. By utilising as much space as possible, you will maximise the floor space elsewhere in your room, giving the illusion of a spacious bedroom that is easy to move around in, even if it’s on the smaller side.

You’ll find that there will also be more natural light let into your room; alternatively, freestanding furniture pieces tend to block the natural light able to fill a room, as they aren’t designed to correspond with individual spaces in the same way that fitted furniture is. This not only helps make things easier to see and find but opens up the space further and really adds to your bedroom’s overall ambience.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Of course, as much as we’re singing its praises, there can be some downsides to fitted furniture. The first is the cost. Given the quality of the materials used, time and expertise spent on installations and the custom nature of fitted furniture, it can be a costly investment to make. With that said, it is a worthwhile one, as you will be reaping the benefits it has to offer for a long time to come.

Furthermore, you know that you’ll be receiving a first-class service for the price you pay, with your bespoke requirements being considered every step of the way and timely, quality workmanship and installation work is a guarantee.

Another thing that could be viewed as a potential drawback is the permanent nature of fitted furniture. It does not offer the same mobility as freestanding furniture, which can be moved as and when you desire if you’re looking to switch up the aesthetic of your bedroom.

However, if you’re making the investment of having fitted furniture installed, it’s likely that you will have carefully considered its design and placement and, thus are less likely to change your mind about having it - especially so once you’ve experienced first-hand how well it fits in with your space and benefitted from the convenience it offers.

Professional Bedroom and Kitchen Fitters

So, does fitted bedroom furniture sound perfectly suited to your needs? If so, then look to use here at MDC The Mirror Door Company to create the ideal solution for you.

Not only do we offer fitted bedroom furniture and wardrobes, but we can also fit kitchens and modern home offices, creating furniture and storage solutions to suit your needs all throughout the home.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help to create your dream home space.

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