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Utilising Small Spaces: Sliding Wardrobes And More

Updated: Nov 7

If you’ve experienced the firsthand frustration of living in a box room or tiny flat, you’ll understand the inconvenience of living in small spaces.

However, there are significant steps you can take to maximise space in your rooms. From utilising your existing storage space efficiently by installing sliding wardrobe doors to making the most of clever optical tricks, there’s many ways you can make your rooms appear bigger.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about making small spaces look bigger and provides you with essential tips on how to transform your living environment.

What can I do to make my rooms seem bigger?

Install sliding wardrobe doors to maximise floor space

Sliding wardrobe doors, a form of built-in storage, are a highly effective way to maximise space. Not only does this idea save you substantial space by removing the need for freestanding furniture but it additionally grants you more freedom to design your room in a way that caters to your taste.

Here’s a few benefits of installing sliding wardrobe doors:

● They’ll accommodate additional storage needs and serve as a certified method to reduce clutter. Sliding wardrobe doors offer you numerous options to store your clothes - whether that entails positioning a shoe rack on your wardrobe floor or putting up staggered shelves inside your wardrobe. You could even position a three-drawer dresser in the centre of your wardrobe, with shelves either side and a clothes rack hanging above.

● You can mount shelves, coat hangers and storage baskets on the insides of the doors themselves.

● You’ll be able to make use of awkward corners and floor space that would otherwise be inaccessible.

● They look neat and blend well into your existing decor. There’s also plenty of options available to choose from - you’re bound to find sliding doors that perfectly match your interiors.

Sliding doors are efficient space-savers and can add a polished finish to the smallest of rooms. At M.D.C (The Mirror Door Company), we offer an extensive range of sliding wardrobe doors available in a variety of colours and styles. From mirrored doors to frosted doors, our designs are guaranteed to add spaciousness and brightness to even the smallest or darkest rooms. Our bespoke doors are made-to-measure to fit your bedroom dimensions and suit your every requirement.

If you’re in search of sliding wardrobe doors, you might also be interested in our fitted wardrobe collection. Whether you’re looking for sliding wardrobes, hinged wardrobes, or even walk-in wardrobes, all of the fitted bedroom wardrobes at M.D.C can be made to look sleek and stylish, whilst also offering plenty of storage space and practicality.

Keep your wardrobe organised

Organising your wardrobe efficiently can reduce the amount of clutter on your bedroom floor and make your room appear bigger:

● Sort and declutter your clothes - work out what you really need and what you could live without. Consider the size of your wardrobe and decide which items you could sell on Depop or send to the charity shop. Think about what you wear frequently and get rid of any clothes taking up space at the back of your wardrobe.

● Learn which items you need to hang up and which items can be folded - you can store them accordingly based on this information.

● Colour code your clothes - this can make individual items easier to find and also improves the overall aesthetic of your wardrobe. You could also add some dividers to simplify the process.

● Divide your summer and winter wardrobe - this is another simple way to save a great deal of space. In winter, keep your shorts and summer dresses safe in storage boxes and chest of drawers. Likewise during the summer months, you can put away your bulky coats and jackets.

● Speaking of storage boxes, learn how to make the most of them. We’ll cover this in more depth below.

Utilise floors, walls and ceilings as storage

If you’re clever about utilising your existing space, you’ll find it easy to make your small rooms look bigger. These simple ideas could help you make the most of your storage space:

● Invest in storage boxes - acquire storage boxes in which you can keep folded items like jumpers and underwear and store them under your bed or on your wardrobe floor. Keep your boxes labelled for extra clarity.

● Find a shoe rack - instead of allowing your boots and trainers to clutter your room, place them on a rack that you can store on your wardrobe floor. You could even mount a two-tiered shoe rack to a wall to free up floor space.

● Install staggered shelving units on your walls. The varying height and width of the shelves mean you can effectively store a range of items, from vases of flowers to food containers. They’re a great addition to any bedroom as they can be used to exhibit your possessions - whether you want to display your impressive shoe collection or your favourite novels, this clever storage hack offers you plenty of flexibility. They’ll also fit snugly into a fitted wardrobe.

● Alternatively, consider setting up floating shelves. They’re especially efficient at storing items in tiny kitchens and awkwardly-shaped spaces - as well as making your rooms appear bigger, they’re cost effective and provide a decorative bonus to your living environment.

Choose furniture wisely

Here’s some smart decisions you can make when purchasing furniture for your small rooms:

● Choose 2-in-1 items. A sofa bed is a sensible choice if you’re really low on space and require a multipurpose item. Another clever option is to invest in a 2-in-1 table - you can use the lid as a surface for drinks, plates and candles, while using the base as a storage unit for items like books, magazines and DVDs.

● Pick smaller furniture items to make the room seem bigger.

● Select furniture that is lower to the ground - this is an easy way to ensure more open space. You could choose a loft bed or even try placing a mattress directly on the floor.

● Clear a pathway - while it might be tempting to push all furniture to the edge of the room, this can cause you to bump into corners and might also project an enclosed, claustrophobic atmosphere. Grouping furniture to one side of the room so people can pass through unhindered can be a more sensible choice for smaller rooms.

Make use of wasted space

Position storage units in spaces that would otherwise be wasted. Store cleaning equipment and DIY materials under your sink or the area below your stairs.

Increase light exposure and rely on optical tricks

Dark lighting can make a small room look miniscule. Increasing light exposure will help, regardless of whether it’s natural or artificial. The colours and surfaces on display in your room can equally impact how large it appears. Here’s some ways you can bring plenty of light to your living space and use optical tricks to give it a more spacious feel:

● Get rid of any heavy drapes and open up the windows to let in as much natural light as you can.

● If you have small windows or any kind of natural light blockage, make the most of lamps and other forms of indoor lighting to give your living space a bright glow.

● Paint your walls and ceilings white. Not only does this give rooms a light, airy effect but it also simplifies places that run the risk of appearing cluttered and additionally emphasises the architecture.

● Utilise glass and translucent materials - this can make spaces appear dramatically bigger.

● You should also make sure your rooms contain plenty of reflective surfaces. Resting a large framed mirror on a wall will create a room-enlarging effect that gives rooms a more open feeling.

Look into companies that offer bespoke furniture design

Bespoke furniture caters to your specific needs and is designed with the measurements of your house in mind. From fitted wardrobes to bespoke storage, consulting with the right furniture company can help you maximise your living space and create a home you love.

M.D.C is committed to helping you transform your home into a sanctuary in which you can feel comfortable and content. From fitted kitchens to bedroom furniture design, we provide products that are constructed and installed to the highest standards. If you’re planning on revamping your home, contact us now for advice from our skilled designers.

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