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Why Choose Fitted Wardrobes Over Other Options

Updated: Feb 12

Bedroom storage is a big issue for most homes. If you want to enjoy plenty of space in your bedroom, then you should consider fitted wardrobes. They are the perfect solution to all your bedroom storage needs.

What's the Difference Between Freestanding and Fitted Wardrobes?

A freestanding wardrobe is one that has been built to standard specs and is designed to be brought into any room to serve as storage. IT's a standalone, easily moved piece of furniture that has enough space for clothing to hand and more to be folded up and stored. These may feature drawers in addition to doors, but they are mostly fairly small and easily to use. When you order a freestanding wardrobe, you'll get it quickly because it's already built.

Fitted wardrobes are more than just a wardrobe. They enhance the space they're in and make it feel as though the space was built for this purpose. If it's comfort and looks you want, then choosing fitted is always the best option.

There are quite a few benefits to using fitted wardrobes. Here are some of the reasons we love them:

Space Efficient

Since the fitted wardrobe is custom built, it will conform exactly to your needs. If you have a specific space or niche available, the fitted wardrobe will fit into it just so. This allows you to make the most of even fairly small spaces.

Adjust the Internal Layout

Not everyone wants just a closet space to hang their clothes. When you have a bespoke storage space made, it can have any type of configuration you like inside. There are many ways to set this up, including creating a number of shelves or small cupboards inside.

To determine what you really need, take the time to think about what you plan to use the wardrobe for. Will you hang shirts or dresses? Will you use it to keep your jewellery or will you want somewhere for socks and underwear? These questions will give you a better idea of what kind of design you need for the storage space.

It Blends Seamlessly

If you don't want to deal with furniture that looks out of place, then don't use a standard wardrobe. A fitted piece of furniture is built to your room's measurements and your specifications. This means it can fit seamlessly into the space, just like it was built-in from the very start. A good fitted unit will always look like it totally suits the space and can be painted or stained to match the rest of the room. This is a great way to ensure you have a space that looks tailored to your needs.

Reduced Bulk

Standard wardrobes tend to take up a lot of space. Since they come in standard sizes, they're often too big for the space and jut out into the room. This can be awkward and inconvenient, but it also means the bedroom just won't look as nice as it could. If you want to reduce the bulky look, a bespoke wardrobe is a better choice.

The built-in look allows for fitted wardrobes to fit into the space available and this means they can also be built flush with the existing walls. Your wardrobe will look stylish and complete, while fitting into the space perfectly.

Keep the Mess Hidden

No one wants people to see the state of their clothes and assorted belongings. If you don't have enough space for storage, you'll find that things get piled up on chairs, the bed, and anywhere it's possible to find a flat surface. The addition of a good, bespoke wardrobe will help you keep everything tidied up and put away. You can invite people into your room without worrying about what they might see, since it's all tucked away and your room will look amazing.

Finish the Way You Want

If the usual designs on the market just aren't your style, you don't need to worry. With a bespoke wardrobe, you can choose any type of finish offered. not only do you have a say in how the interior is done up, but you can choose the best finish to suit your space.

Many people opt for a paint or stain which will match their room. If you have a red trim in your white room, then the wardrobe can be white with red trim, as well. It's a good way to really blend the whole piece into the space and make it look like it belongs. However, there are other options, as well. For example, you can choose to add glass doors or mirrored doors.

Mirror doors on a wardrobe gives you the opportunity to check your outfit or makeup without needing to go to the bathroom. You'll have a quick and easy way to look in the mirror and if it's a full length door, it's perfect for seeing everything you're wearing.

Modular Units Provide Better Storage

Is it hard to find a place to store all your belongings? Using modular units to create the perfect storage space will help you out quite a lot. You can choose exactly what you need, based on what belongings and clothing you have to put away. Not all companies offer modular options, but with these designs, you can pick and choose what you want.

The modules come with a range of options, including drawers, shelving, and hanging areas, which can be set up in a small wardrobe that is built into a space, or you can use them to customise your walk-in wardrobes. Essentially, the modules give you the building blocks you need to create your dream bedroom storage. Walk-in wardrobes are a good way to make the most of your space and create a private area where you can store everything you need to.

Multiple Door Options

You have even more decisions to make when selecting the right fitted wardrobe design for you. Consider what makes the best sense for the doors on your storage unit. Your options include:

Sliding: Sliding doors are best for areas without much space. You'll be able to slide the door to one side, without taking up any more space, which means other furniture can be placed fairly near the wardrobe. There's no swinging door to take up space. Sliding door design can be created so the door slides to one side or the other of the space, or it can slide into the wall, to open up the entire wardrobe.

Hinged: These doors swing open and they allow you full access to the entire space. Many people prefer hinged doors, but you do need to account for the space they require to open up.

Walk-in Wardrobes: Technically not a door option, a walk-in wardrobe allows you to step inside the wardrobe, with hanging spaces and shelves on either side, as well as at the back. You get even more space this way and it allows even a large wardrobe to stay hidden away from sight. It's also a good place to store your shoes or boot collection.

If you're not sure what type of door is best for your particular situation, you can talk to the experts to learn more. They can look at your space and advise you on which door type to select.

Create More Space

Does your room feel small and tight? A built-in wardrobe is a good way to make it feel more open. Since it doesn't look like a whole other piece of furniture, it can help open up the room. If you have awkward spaces, you'll also find it much easier to create a more usable space with a wardrobe, but also smooth out the awkward bits.

Add mirrors to the doors and you immediately open up the space. The mirrors will reflect light and make the space feel more complete, well-lit, and open. The extra space is always a bonus and it can really make your bedroom feel bigger, as well as improving bedroom storage.

Should You Get a Fitted Wardrobe?

If you need more bedroom storage, bedroom wardrobes are a good choice. They can provide you with plenty of extra shelving and hanging space, but also look amazing. Since the fitted wardrobes are built into the room, they never look out of place. You've seen the many benefits that come with a fitted wardrobe, so if you've been waiting to make a decision, now is the time.

Whatever your requirements for a fitted wardrobe, the Mirror Door Company can help. We offer a wide variety of bespoke fitted and walk-in bedroom wardrobes that can be tailored exactly to fit seamlessly in the space you’re working with. Choose from a number of gorgeous colours and finishes to find something that matches your room’s decor. For more information, contact Mirror Door Company to find out how we can help you.

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