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From Media Walls to Fitted Design: Ways to Modernise Your Home

If you’ve been living in your house for years, then you will have had plenty of time to turn your house into a home; with that said, over time your tastes and preferences may have changed and you may be thinking it’s time for a new look. Similarly, if you’ve recently purchased a property that is rather dated, it’s only natural that you’ll want to renovate and give it a more modern look fit for the 21st century.

Keep reading as we discuss some of our favourite ways in which you can modernise the interior of your home.

TV media unit with shelving display

Media Walls

If there’s one way to establish a sense of modernity in your home, it’s by creating an effortlessly seamless interior layout. When it comes to the living room, media walls are an ideal way to do just that.

From finding a TV stand that’s the right size and angling your TV to the best position to finding a home for your TV box and hiding all the associated cables from sight, creating the ideal setup can be frustrating. With a media wall, these factors are all taken into account and handled immaculately.

Not only are all cables and boxes hidden, but the end result is a purposeful yet effective display for your television and accompanying media players that cohesively blends in with the rest of your interior.

Fitted Bedrooms

In keeping with seamless design, considering fitted furniture is another avenue you could explore to modernise your home.

Take the bedroom, for example. By opting for a fitted bedroom, you won’t only maximise the space available to meet both your storage and functional needs (without eating too much into your floor space), but you’ll get to enjoy a balanced and coherent interior framework that can be complemented with smaller, more personal accents - such as plants, artwork and decorative pieces.

Innovative Spaces

When you have an extra room in your home, it often ends up being turned into a glorified storage room. By giving spare rooms a functional purpose, you will not only be more likely to make the most of them, but you can really elevate your home as a whole - especially by creating an innovative space not traditionally seen in the home.

For example, you could create your very own at-home cocktail bar! Why install a cocktail bar in your home? Many reasons! Not only does it combine function with elegance, but it creates the perfect spot for socialising or even relaxing and bringing an indulgent experience into your space.

Modernise Your Home with MDC

So, are you ready to modernise your home? We can help here at MDC Mirror Door Company.

From media wall installations to fitted room designs, our specialist services are highly bespoke and customisable to your requirements, so you can really create a modern home space that speaks to you.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your options.

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