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Home Storage Solutions To Get You Organised

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Storage within the home is a deceptively important detail, with valuables, seasonal items, clothes and other essentials requiring a dedicated space. Organising such objects is just as important, as nobody wants to spend hours searching through cramped spaces to locate that one particular item. Make the most of your available space and invest in storage options for a new or renovated home with utilities from The Mirror Door Company.

Not only does organisation improve general appearance, minimise accidents and ensure items are easier to locate should you need them, but there are plenty of other benefits to explore and products to contemplate which we’ll cover below.

Why Prioritise Storage

There are plenty of places in your property where you can add additional storage, be it in-built within the structure of the building, or added via furniture and utilities when renovating your home. It is important to remember though, that you should plan changes out carefully before implementing anything drastic.

Storage within a property is of course vital for creating a clutter-free and organised space, however it is often one of the last things to be considered when renovating. The accumulation of rubbish and poor management of space is also especially obvious in smaller properties - therefore having a place to store all items becomes even more important. Ultimately, without smart storage, you’ll lose out in a number of areas, so placing an emphasis on this is recommended when allocating space.

Adaptable Solutions

As you’ll likely have limited space to work with, versatile solutions will allow you to solve two problems at once. Be it a contemporary and stylish wardrobe with a front-facing mirror, a large wooden cabinet with a TV screen inbuilt or even a sliding door with shelving inside. Adaptable units are your best friend, so why not explore our online range? Bespoke and built to your exact requirements, you don’t need to force your new drawers or desk into place when it has been built to the exact specifications of the room you’ve fitted it into!

Our professionals are well-versed in modern and traditional design practices, so whatever your preference, we can advise you on the categories and particular ranges which are likely to make the most sense for your space.

Fitted Storage With Doors

Fitted storage is a brilliant option in 2023, and whether you would rather attain a large fitted wardrobe with mirror doors for an enhanced appearance, or a cabinet which contains several drawers, we manufacture and supply all you could need. If you’re unsure about the services of The Mirror Door Company, why not make your way to our Cumbernauld showroom?

As well as a comprehensive design service, assorted specifically designed furniture and free consultations for all who show an interest, a 5-year guarantee ensures you’ll never have to make a payment until you’re 100% satisfied. Organised storage allows you to stash your items into sections, categorising clothes and outfits with ease. Long gone are the days of disorganisation with our expert installation.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

We'll listen to your ideas, measure your room free of charge and create storage solutions that will be perfect for you. Space-saving furniture is certainly in season, and if a particular item can serve two purposes at once, even better! Stools with removable storage sections are a popular option, as are sofas and tables with slide-out sections - particularly helpful for stashing those sitting and dining room essentials. There are few occasions more frustrating than when the constraints of a space limit the potential of how it can function.

The solution is of course furniture that adapts to the situation, ideally ensuring accessibility, comfort and adequate storage. Ideally too, your multi-purpose utilities will be visually appealing in addition - with stylised bespoke furnishings for any room in the house.


Elevated against a wall or built directly into a unit, shelves are likely the most effective way to line up books, records and DVDs, while they work just as well if you’re displaying medals, awards, trinkets and ornamental pieces. Away from ground-level, these built-in sections are unlikely to interfere with the amount of space you have in a room, and can easily be installed wherever and whenever.

Just as simple to move around and readjust, shelving can be moved around a space and extended. Wooden shelves are especially to customise too - with D.I.Y bookcases easy to paint, condition and improve with other features to fit the appearance of a space.

Unconventional Spaces

In small rooms, making use of vertical space - such as behind-the-door storage, is a wise move. For the purpose of keeping goods tidy that would otherwise clutter up spaces, these valuable square feet can be put to good use.

There are clearly many more options than drawers and sliding doors for organising goods, and using open areas that have visible room may be necessary in smaller areas. Think about assembling similar-sized items into stylish storage items, such as baskets, containers or racks. In a kitchen for example, to make daily-use utensils and items accessible while making food, keep kitchenware and cutlery in open boxes, or hung from an overhead appliance.

Innovative Options

When you’re in the market for bespoke, truly unique storage, We can use technology to give you a realistic view of the furniture we create. This gives you the opportunity to really see our designs in action, helping you to picture how your property will look with additions. Ultimately, sophisticated Computer Aided Design software can present you with realistic images of the bespoke solutions that we can create for you.

Our designers still craft completely original solutions to compliment your existing features, and we present them in a way that gives you the opportunity to visualise how they will look in an accurate and appealing manner. Try different colours, different sizes and various shapes to see how the furniture we create for you will look before acquiring.

The Mirror Door Company: Kitchen Storage And Fitted Bedroom Furniture

When you choose to work with Mirror Door Company, the choice is most certainly yours. No matter whether you’re looking for stylish glass wardrobe doors or prefer to go for seamlessly sleek mirror doors and cabinets, our team of highly-capable designers can create the ideal fitted furniture for you. We take the time and care to discuss every possible option with you, and take precise measurements in order to construct the perfect unit for your space. Drop into our showroom today. Where our skilled staff will be more than happy to guide you through our wide range of furniture products.

Whether you’re after sliding wardrobe doors, shelving units, cocktail bar installations, TV media walls, or anything else, you can rest assured that all of our products are constructed and installed to the highest standards. We’re determined that each and every one of our customers should be completely satisfied before handing over their hard-earned money, so we also don’t expect any payment until the work is completed and you are 100% happy! Any further enquiries? Contact the team today! We would be delighted to help.

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