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The Benefits of Sliding Mirror Doors In Your Property

Updated: Apr 3

Bedroom storage blues

Everyone has a different idea of what their dream wardrobe looks like, but almost all of us can agree we want something practical, stylish and with plenty of storage space. If this is the case, then installing a sliding mirror door onto your wardrobe could be the perfect solution for you. Not only is the sliding door design a fantastic space-saver and ideal for keeping your room neat with its ample storage, but the mirror aspect provides you with a sleek, practical feature piece for your room. If the convenience and style benefits don’t speak for themselves, this guide will cover all of the great perks of investing in mirrored sliding doors, as well as what’s available to you on the market.

What are the benefits of mirrored sliding wardrobe doors?

There are an extensive range of advantages when it comes to purchasing a sliding mirror door; we’ve compiled a list of the most decisive ones below.

Easy Access

Opening and closing sliding wardrobe doors could not be easier; the doors will effortlessly slide along the built-in track. Even if you have your hands full of clothes to fold away, for example, you won’t struggle to open your wardrobe as the need to pull a handle (as you would with a hinged door) has been eradicated.

Maximising Storage

Built-in wardrobes with sliding doors tend to be floor-to-ceiling in height, meaning they offer far more storage room than your bog-standard wardrobe or cabinet. This extra space allows you to configure it to suit your needs, such as installing additional drawers, compartments, shelves, shoe racks and hangers. Having all of these customisation options means that you can organise it effectively, allowing you to find your items with ease. This is particularly useful if you share the space with someone else, like a partner, as you can designate a side for each person.

Space optimisation

One of the most obvious benefits of a sliding door design is their space saving capabilities. Where hinged doors demand space in which to swing open, sliding doors operate sideways. This makes them an ideal option for use in smaller rooms where space is a luxury, as well as for cupboards and wardrobes. Plus, with the mirrored aspect it also saves you from having to purchase an additional standing mirror that takes up even more floor space.

This side-to-side operation also allows for the creation of a wider access path, which can come in handy when moving large items from room to room when moving or renovating. Whole wall partitions between rooms using sliding doors give you the option of creating two smaller, intimate spaces, or even one large one - ideal when entertaining.


More often than not, sliding wardrobe doors tend to be cheaper than their hinged counterparts. Although this depends on what you choose to install, they frequently end up being more cost-effective due to the lack of different components.

Making Rooms Appear Larger

Mirrors are a fantastic way of making smaller spaces appear larger than they actually are. This is due to the illusion of depth created by the reflection of the mirror. On top of this, the additional storage they provide means that less of the floor space will be taken up - you will quite literally be gaining room even if the area itself isn’t technically getting bigger.


The great thing about sliding mirror doors is that they aren’t just great for bedroom wardrobes - their versatile nature means that they can be installed in various rooms. For example, they could prove useful in the bathroom or living room - not only to maximise space but also to provide access to a full-length mirror in other parts of the house.

The size and openness of a mirror on a sliding door means that whilst they are great for getting a full-length view of your outfit, they could also be used for exercising, dancing, yoga, and other activities.

Aesthetically pleasing

The doors of a wardrobe or cupboard tend to be something of an afterthought when it comes to considering a room’s decor. However, with sliding mirror doors this doesn’t need to be the case. Sliding door designs offer a timeless modern style which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, especially when compared to more traditional storage solutions. When you take into account all of the customisation options available, the fittings of each wardrobe allow them to blend seamlessly into most walls.

Whether you’re looking for something with a heavily contemporary feel, minimalistic design or leaning towards something on the classic side, Mirror Door Company is bound to have something to suit your style.

Increased Property Value

With prospective buyers looking at any number of different properties each month, your home will really need to have that extra something to be memorable. Adding a feature as practical and stylish as a mirrored sliding door can really elevate the feel of your interior design with one minor adjustment.

What mirrored sliding wardrobe doors are available to me?

At The Mirror Door Company, we offer a range of sliding mirror doors in a variety of styles, colours and finishes. We understand that everyone’s taste is different, so we aim to provide something to suit your preferences, whatever they might be. Plus, all of our doors are made-to-measure, meaning that you don’t need to worry about them not fitting in your home - not space is too big or too small! Our mirrored doors add an extra spacious element to your room and can include a bronze, silver tint or frosted finish. Click here to peruse the frame and track choices available.

You can even upgrade from a standard mirror to an engraved mirror panel with an intricately carved design of your choice. Our traditional and elegantly cut mirrors are available in a wide variety of patterns.

What if mirror doors aren’t for me?

In line with The Mirror Door Company’s commitment to customisation, you can even opt for certain parts of each sliding door design to be mirrored, broken up with your choice of decorative panelling. This is ideal if you’re looking for all of the benefits of a mirrored sliding door, but don’t want a complete floor-to-ceiling look.

However, if you want to ditch the reflection completely, we have an extensive selection of sliding doors without a mirror feature. Below is a list of the different styles and finishes that are available:

Woodgrained Panel Doors

Traditional and homely, woodgrained doors have a visually welcoming appeal and are exceptionally durable. Our woodgrained panel doors come in a variety of different colours and can incorporate mouldings.

Frosted Doors

With a modern and stylish feel, the translucent surface of the frosted glass partially transmits natural light. Your living space will become brighter and airier with frosted glass applications. Our frosted door range comes in four different frame colours.

Decorative Doors

For something totally unique, why not take a look at our decorative door selection? As we’ve mentioned above, sliding doors can be a chance to add a unique feature piece to your home without having to spend a fortune or account for a ton of space. There are countless colours and brilliant cut patterns to choose from, allowing you to make your sliding door really stand out from the crowd.

Oriental Doors

If you’re ready to say goodbye to tradition and go for something uniquely contemporary, our oriental door range is the right choice for you. Tailor your door style exactly to your requirements using an array of inserts, materials and colours to build something stunning.

The Mirror Door Company: Bespoke Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Add some extra flair and functionality to your bedroom wardrobes with our easy-to-use, made-to-measure sliding mirror doors. With a variety of styles, colours and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at The Mirror Door Company. Based in Glasgow, our customers come from all over Scotland to view our range of furniture fittings, as well as to get expert advice on designing their dream bedroom, kitchen or home office. Our talented designers aim to inspire, excite and deliver - we don’t compromise on quality or style and neither should you! No matter how big or small your project is, we give it our undivided attention and ensure that you get exactly what you asked for. If you’re still not sure whether we’re the right company for you, let our recent projects speak for themselves. For more information on how we can bring your vision to life, give us a call or drop into our showroom.

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